Super Hero Manatees

Imagine a world without super heroes… no wait, imagine a world with super heroes… but instead of people they were manatees! It’s a bird, it’s a plane.. no wait, it’s Batmanatee! Check out these crazy artistic drawings of your favorite super heroes in manatee form. Wonder Womanatee Supermanatee Spidermanatee Martian Manatee Hunter Justice League of […]

How to Deal with Crazy Clients Suggestions

You may ignore it but deep down your heart, you know that the design is extremely ordinary, if not awful to look at. Now do not blame you squarely for that. As we are into the same field, we all know how hard it is to give perfect shape to a design when the client […]

WordPress Tricks that Can Transform a Noob into A Pro Blogger

Do not fear I am not going to stuff this article with the same boring wordpress plugins thing, you have enough of them already. Rather what I am trying to do is to list some cool yet very basic snippets and tricks that can be performed by a person without any technical knowledge and that […]

Capital Online Revenue: Aaron Reed’s Plan for Success, Avoid the Scams!

“But wait… There’s more!” “Limited time offer!” “New and improved!” What do all these phrases scream? Scam. We’ve all heard these arguments before on radio and television.  Most consumers have come to recognize them for what they are.  At the very least, these phrases signal absurd hype, with no real basis nor evidence from which […]

Bishop Jordan Shows You How to Restore Balance

Bishop Jordan knows how to restore balance to your life.  If you’re one of the many Americans today who is having trouble finding employment—or you are simply not happy with your current job or even your life in general—the teachings of Bishop Jordan may be of some service to you. As society becomes more and […]

Lady Gaga Poker Face Artwork

Lady Gaga Poker Face Artwork

The world of Lady Gaga has just been exploding over the past few years. Lady Gaga’s “little monsters” have made the most out of her creative success and even made some work of their own. In this DeviantArt artist feature, we are exploring the world of Lady Gaga Poker Face art work. Enjoy my po-po-po-poker […]

FireFox Fan Art

FireFox Fan Art

Ever since the FireFox web browser has been released, it’s had a cult like following and every year it continues to dominate in growth and push Microsoft Internet Explorer back a bit more in the internet browser wars. The mass following of FireFox may be due to it’s ease of use, ability to clean up […]

Awesome Mascot Design from SOS Factory

Awesome Mascot Design from SOS Factory

It seems now more often then not, when it comes to building your own identity on the web, more people are moving towards the concept of having their own toon or cartoon mascot created, versus using a traditional photo of yourself. One of the best companies in the game for mascot design and creation, is […]