What’s in a Name/Logo?
After going through nearly 150 logo concepts from designers around the world, the decision was finally clear which was best to represent the “Royal Tutorial” name. The inspiration behind the “Royal Tutorial” name, comes from the logo and name of Royal Tutorial’s parent company, The logo idea was to have a question mark with a crown, and to play off the tilted crown concept on the letter “R” in the logo. Once the designers started to get creative, I finally saw some designs that would clearly represent the RT brand even better. For those of you who don’t see it at first, the base of the crown is made up a “mouse“, while the gold crown points are made from the “tips” of a calligraphy pen.

About Zac Johnson (Founder)
I’ve always had a knack for making money, but at the same time, I’ve always been creative and loved to draw. Unfortunately for drawing… business/marketing put the food on the table, so that is the path I had chosen. While I’ve been conducting business online for nearly 15 years, I’ve met a lot of great and talented people along the way. With a thriving passion for design and drawing, I decided to create RoyalTutorial while calling on a few creative friends and business partners I have worked with over the years. With a mix of business and design, it’s surely going to be one of my most interesting tasks yet!

Royal Tutorial Contributors
The concept behind Royal Tutorial is to provide our readers with the best tutorials, articles and resources on everything from photoshop, wordpress, to basic drawing. With that being said, no one can be a “jack of all trades“, which means we must expand our knowledge and effort with the help of others. To view a list of contributors to Royal Tutorial, view our contributors page. We are always looking for new writers and content, so please contact us if you are interested.