Are the Paparazzi Following You? No, Fake it.

Want to make it look like people are taking your photo all the time? If yes, then you can easily do this at I talked about in last week’s post and that time I was making sketches. Today I’m faking celebrity paparazzi photos using With it you can get pictures like these.

Because Pop Rocks - Rock Sugar Band Contest

Snaps with a Camera Phone

Because Pop Rocks - Contest ends Friday

Captured on Video

Because Pop Rocks - Rock Sugar Band Contest Ends Friday

Checking the photo

Because Pop Rocks - Rock sugar Band Contest Over Friday

Quick camera snap.

Making these are really easy. All you need to do is go to and click on Celebrity Paparazzi.

There you can upload any of your photos or connect to your Flickr account and select one of those photos. Then just click on the step 2 section and select how you would like to be photographed. There you can choose from the four options.

Have fun with these.


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