Cartoon Characters Re-Imagined in Real Life

Many of us grew up watching Saturday morning cartoons, reading the Sunday funnies, and playing plenty of video games every day. We have grown to know so many cartoon and comic book characters as if they were an integral part of our families. They have certainly infiltrated our culture.

Most characters from cartoons and comic books aren’t exactly the most realistic of characters. Children are depicted with giant doe-like eyes, animals may walk around on two legs and talk like people, and everyone seems to have oversized heads and shortened bodies.

If you have ever wondered what some of these cartoon characters may have looked like if they were to cross over in the real world, wonder no longer. Here are some realistic (or at least realistic-inspired) depictions of some popular fictional characters. Can you identify them all?

Michael Kwan

Michael Kwan is a freelance writer, professional blogger, gadget geek, and video game enthusiast based out of Vancouver, Canada. You can read more about Michael at his website,