Create a Chalkboard Effect

I love watching the podcast Adobe Photoshop Elements Killer Tips with Corey Barker. I’ve learned some great things from the tutorials. I watched a tutorial recently on how to make the effect of a chalkboard work in Adobe Elements. This is actually pretty simple to do.

First fill your page with a dark green color, similar to the chalkboard.

Next grab the Text tool and write on up some words. Make the color something like an off white or a light yellow, the color of chalk.

At this point you can do a couple of things. You could simply simplify the text layer or you could create a selection from the text and continue from there. I suggest that you make a selection from the text because you will have a little more control with what we will do next.

Next select your paintbrush and choose the dry brushes set. Choose the last brush in the set. This is the Pastel Medium Tip.

With this brush selected you want to go and change the more options area for it. What we want to do is change the spacing on the brush to 40%.

At this point you are going to color on the new layer within the section that was made from the text. Make sure that you turn off the layer of the actual text.

Now you can see that the writing looks a little more like Chalk. You can use that same brush to draw on the chalkboard.

And then suppose that you don’t really like how it came out, you can erase what you made but to make the chalkboard more authentic you can erase like a chalkboard eraser. Go to the Smudge tool and pick another Dry Brush, this time pick the first one the Pastel on Charcoal Paper one. Set your strength around 50% too.

You can use the smudge tool to make the board look like it was erased with an actual eraser, it will get that haze that can only be cleaned with some water, and even then it never gets quite that clean.

Have fun with this one and if you want find an image of a real chalkboard and cut out the board part to add your creation into.


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