Create a Shiny Text & Effect in Photoshop

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1. Create a New Document 1000 x 800 px, then add a Layer Set (name it “bg”) with a new layer. Fill it with black.

Set foreground/background colors to #2D2337 & #181818.

Add Filter > Render > Clouds.

Filter > Blur> Motion Blur:

2. Create a new Set and name it “text”. Then use your type tool to type in your text (I used free Alba Matter font 110 pt):

3. Double-click on this layer to open the Layer Style window and use the settings from the following images:

Gradient Overlay:

Bevel & Emboss:

Inner Shadow:


Outer Glow:

4. Create a new Layer Set “light” below our “Text” Set.
Duplicate the layer ‘Layer1’ with the clouds and move it from “bg” Layer Set to a “light” set.

Add Filter > Render > Lighting Effects:

5. Add a new layer “shadow”, draw shadows with a Brush tool 200-300 px #000000:

6. In the new layer (I named it “color” ) Select the Gradient Tool
(G) and draw a Pink (CC0FCC) to Transparent gradient (linear)and set the blend mode for this layer to Color:

7. Next, on a new layer (“sunstrikes”), make a rectangle selection and draw a white line with a Brush tool (200-300px):


8. Transform it (Edit > Transform >Distort):

Set the blend mode for this layer to Overlay.

9. Duplicate this shape and transform it again:

Play with Opacity (I used 22% , 56% and 65%):

Here is what we have for now:

10. Remove with a soft erase tool the unnecessary parts of these layers:

11. Then I added a Drop Shadow to the “Royal Tutorial” text:

12. In the new layer (I named it “Stars” ) Select the Gradient Tool
(G) and draw a Black to Transparent rounded gradient:

Filter > Noise > Add Noise:

Set the blend mode for this layer to Screen.

13. Go to Image > Adjustments > Levels:

14. Go to Quick Mask mode, press [Q] and add a gradient:

Then exit Quick Mask mode (Q), invert selection (CTRL+I) and hit “Delete”:

15. Copy “stars” layer, add “Gausian Blur”

16. Create a new layer, add a White to Transparent rounded gradient, set Blend Mode to Overlay and transform it:

18. With an Ellipse Tool draw several rounded shapes:

Layer style for this layer:

19. Duplicate “Light” set:

20. Merge “light copy” layer set (CTRL+E) and create a triangle with a Polygon Tool under the “light copy” layer:

Add a Drop Shadow layer style to a triangle:

Select “light copy” layer and press “CTRL+G”:

22. Duplicate “light copy” layer again, Set the blend mode for this layer to Color Dodge with Opacity 26%:

23. Next, copy “RoyalTutorial” text and disable Drop Shadow style for the bottom text

Then for the top text apply an Outer Glow style from the following image:

and for the bottom text add Outer Glow from the following image:

Final result (Click to view larger image)

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