Everytrail makes Geotagging Easy

I have a Motorola Droid and I often use it to take photos when I am out and about. I take the Droid with me everywhere. I enjoy geotagging my photos and have many different options to accomplish this with my photos. The easiest way so far is to take photos with my Droid and post them to Picasa because they are automatically geotagged because of the GPS in the phone itself. Suppose that you want to collect your entire trip and be able to go back and see them along the travel trail.

If you have an iPhone or an Android phone you can use EveryTrail, a great program that allows you to capture your trips along with location and photos. Every time you take a photo with your camera phone you can title it and post it to your recorded trail. Then you can go back and watch your trip like a slide show but instead of transitions you move along the trail and the photo or video appears at that location.

If you are going to take photos and capture your trip here are some tips to make your cameraphone photos better.

  • Light the subject well
  • Play with the White Balance
  • Get Close
  • Clean off the lens, keep it clean
  • Hold Still
  • Do not use the zoom, use the manual zoom, move your feet
  • Use the highest resolution on your phone.

Here are a few other resources I found on taking better camera phone photos:

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SnapFish: how to take better camera phone photos

Share your best Cameraphone Photos in the comments.


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