Get your Work in a Museum

Imagine your photos hanging in famous museums all over the world. Can you picture your fantastic photos hanging for all the world to see. What one would you choose to frame and hang? I picked one of my prettier photos and decided to frame it and hang it using Museumr through the fun photo enhancing site Dumpr. So here is one of my photos using one of the framing options.

BenSpark's Photo-A-Day in a Museum

To make your photos into works of art is very easy. You simply go to and choose Museumr. There you pick your photo or upload a photo and then choose museum you want to hang your photo in.

Once you choose Museumr then you have to decide where to get your photo. You can upload one from your computer, grab one from Flickr or even from any web url you can find. So you can do some very cool stuff with other people’s photos and send them to those people. Be creative and have fun.

Once you have selected your photo and museum then you get your finished product.

At this point you can choose to upload the photo to Flickr, save it to your computer or e-mail it to someone. Here is one of my final products.

BenSpark's Photos in Museums

What will you make?


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