How to Change Your Twitter Background

Today’s Twitter tutorial is very simple, but we have to start somewhere. Thousands of new members are joining Twitter, and simple tasks like changing the background may seem difficult. Fortunately, it’s not! We can walk you through this simple process in three easy steps.

1.) Login to your Twitter account and click the “Settings” link on the top right section.

2.) On the next page, click the “Design” link on the menu bar.

1.) Now you have the option to change your background image. You can either select from the few default images they have available, or you can upload your own. To add your own background, simply click “Change background image”. A “browse” box will appear, click this button. Now select the image from your computer and click SAVE. Your image will now be saved as your Twitter background.

Twitter background notes: Once you changed over to your new background, you have the option to “tile” background, or just show the image one time. It’s also important to note that your background needs to be in either jpeg, gif or png format, and should be less thank 800 kb in size.

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