How to Create a Photo Sketch Fast.

My work laptop is crap. For some reason it will not open my copy of Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 and sometimes I have to make do with what tools are available online. Luckily there are some very, very cool ones and one of those is Dumpr. I’m going to talk only about one of the Dumpr functions in this post and revisit the site in subsequent posts. I think you will enjoy the cool functionality of this site.

The first thing you need to do is head to On the main page click on Photo-to-Sketch.

This will take you to the next area where you can select your photo. Here you can upload a photo, pull in a photo from a url or link directly to your Flickr account. I link directly to my Flickr account because I can also upload my new creation right away. So here I click on a photo from my photostream. The only issue is that you can only select from the past 40 or 50 recent photos.

After I select my photo I click continue and instantly my photo is rendered into a very cool looking sketch. I’ve noticed that sketches of people work much better than other items. Each one I made up of my daughter Eva worked fantastic. When I tried her teddy bear it didn’t work very well at all.

Once the photo has been rendered into a sketch gives you a ton of options with which to share your cool creation. There are social bookmarks, the ability to send it as a card, or just e-mail it as an attachment or even upload directly to your Flickr account (required that you authorize as an entity able to upload to your account.). I choose to upload to Flickr and the photo appears right in my photo stream.

Try making a few of these and please leave me links to your creations in the post comments. What will you create?


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