How to Integrate ConvertKit with LeadPages Builder

When building a mailing list on the internet, you have many different options to choose from. No matter what direction you go, you will need to have a reliable list hosting service to store your email address, send out your mailings and be able to manage all of your subscribers and mailings from one simple plartform. ConvertKit has quickly become one of the most reliable solutions in the world of email list building and hosting. At the same time, LeadPages is also a leader in landing page creation and lead generation. In this video tutorial, we are going to walk through the process of how to integrate ConvertKit with LeadPages so they can both work seamlessly together.

Integrating ConvertKit with the Leadpages Standard Builder

It’s Nicole from ConvertKit. Today I’m going to walk you through connecting your leaf pages. Standard builder page to convert the pages does offer to page options they offer the standard builder as was the drag and drop all over the drag and drop builder in another video today. I’m just going to talk about the standard builder OK. So I’ve selected my lead page template and I want to connect this with my ConvertKit account. So here there’s a click and this lead form here. I want to connect this to convert it. So I’ve created a form for this page its own form and I’m going to click and I’ve just selected the naked form style because the design of this form doesn’t really matter. My subscribers are never going to see it. This is only going to be for internal use just to be able to map that first name and email fields from LeadPages toConvertKit. When I go over to my settings and the embed tab now by default it’s on javascript’s but I actually want to select the each amount and I want to copy this full code right here. So I’m just going to copy and I’m going to come back to read pages and open up my read box by default. It’s integrated with lead notifications. I want to select this HDMI I’ll copy and paste either here then it gives me a little HDMI code box to paste it in. So I’m going to paste. Now this is really important and this is a little bit different.

If you’ve created a standard builder template with the pages before we’ve added some security measures to our forms so you actually need to make one tiny modification to the code and so what we’re looking for is see O. Here we go. We’re looking for this the actual form code and we’re actually looking for the action Yoro. At this rate here it’s 8 x and Byrkit dot com crash landing pages last year specifically any page number slash subscribe. This is what makes your form work and what I’m going to do is add just dot each time out to the end of this action euro and what that does is it forces lead pages to go to theConvertKit. Thank you page you’ve set up instead of having you set up the thank you page and LeadPages as itself. If you don’t do this it’s going to go through the lead pages. Thank you page and it’s actually not going to work with our new security measures so you want to make sure you have this HMO added to your form action you are all and that’s going to help prevent nefarious people from subscribing spam subscribers to your conversion account. And it’s going to make sure that you get to set up the thinking page that you want and convert it so you paste that in this Shoemark vote box and then you’re going to click customize this form. So now this is reading the code we’ve put in and you can see it actually added this third form box. It’s called capture what you want to do is de-select it. That field is there.

It’s a security measure and basically, a bot would try to fill it out because they would think that it was supposed to be filled out but it’s not supposed to be filled out. So you want to just uncheck it there so you just have that first name and email address.

And that should be everything you need. So go ahead and click OK and let’s save our progress here. And then we’re going to click and make sure that it looks good. OK integration settings. Looks great. Make sure my code still looks good. She IMAO perfect.

OK. I didn’t really do anything but accidentally re-enabled it.

So that’s what happens of you OK. So I said OK. And again. It doesn’t have a caption. OK. So the last thing that we’re going to do is go over back to our form and convert it. If you go to the main Settings tab we want to. So by default it’s going to redirect to a page that has this success message success checking him out of the brewery subscription so you can customize this tax if you don’t really want to fuss around with a page or you can redirect to another page. So this is the redirect you’re forcing with that little modification to the HTML code. This can be done on your Web site if you’re using LeadPages they have some great thank you page templates. Maybe you want to actually put your incentive in here whatever you want to do. Or you can just change customize this message but you want to make sure you’re doing this on this side and not in need pages. OK. And then if you want to connect to this form this page any sequences if you want to give an incentive you would do all of that and convert it. Now that you have that you connected. Everything else is going to be set up in Berkut. Hopefully that makes the standard builder process pretty simple to follow. If you have any further questions you can always reach us at help at ConvertKit.

Special thanks to ConvertKit for the video tutorial and walk through.