How to Make Money with Twitter

The growth of Twitter over the past year has been simply amazing. From what was a stomping ground for internet geeks and web techies, is now a world wide sensation and it’s nearly impossible to watch tv and not see a station boasting their Twitter url. With that said, Twitter still has not created a revenue path for their own company… but others have.

I’m sure many of you have seen fake Twitter accounts that will auto follow anyone, and blasting out affiliate links all day trying to make a quick buck. Usually, these are all automated account and contribute to the trash on Twitter. Now there is a better and legitimate solution, and it’s called Sponsored Tweets!

Sponsored Tweets is exactly what the name says, you get paid for sending out “tweets” from your account. Best of all, you get the final say on what goes out, and there is full disclosure that the link is sponsored. You can see an actual “sponsored tweet” below.

Here are five quick reasons why Sponsored Tweets is legitimate and works:
1.) You personally Approve all Tweets before they go out.
2.) Sponsored Tweets is allowed and Approved by Twitter
3.) Payment are made directly to your paypal account.
4.) Full disclosure shows your tweet is an advertisement.
5.) BIG name celebrities are already using Sponsored Tweets.

How it Works
The concept behind Sponsored Tweets is really simple. All you need is a Twitter account to get started. Sponsored Tweets is a whitelisted and approved Twitter application and uses your Twitter credentials to create an account.

Celebrities Already Using Sponsored Tweets
Some of the largest Twitter accounts are from big name celebrities. Kim Kardashian already has over 2 million followers, and is a user of Sponsored Tweets. You will also find the well known celebrities below using Sponsored Tweets as well. and a couple of our other partner sites are already signed up with Sponsored Tweets and have made a few hundred dollars so far. It’s a completely new concept and free to join. I highly recommend you take a look at it, no matter the size of your Twitter following.

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