Photoshop Fantasy Art Tutorials

Fantasy is one of the most creative, imaginative forms of art, and with very good reason… Fantasy IS imagination. The entirety of the scene can come completely from the imagination of the artist, with no boundries and certainly no reality holding him/her back. Creating fantasy art can be a liberating experience for creative artists of all skill levels. It forces us to think outside the box and search deep within our own imaginations to decide what is real. An artist will often blend the world of fantasy and reality together, creating a seamless illusion that can bring the person into the image and make someone feel like they’re really there.You can portray absolutely anything with fantasy art, whether it be magical, mysterious, mythical, supernatural, or even horrific. No matter what ingredients you use, the results are always beautiful and thought provoking.

Step into the world of creating realitic fantasy art with 50 Photoshop tutorials that will give you the skills and inspiration necessary to bring your imagination to reality.

Fantasy Art in Photoshop

Fairy Night

Light In The Forest

Fantasy Art for Newbies

Design a Dramatic Winged Dragon

Beautiful Lonely Fantasy Fairy

Epic Fantasy Scene

Galaxy Angel

Touching Story Scene

Landscape Photo Manipulation

Magical Golden Winged Boot

Sparkling Fantasy Photo Manipulation

Fable of the Night – Matte Painting

Fantastic Tree

The White Tree

Surreal Floating Eiffel Tower Scene

Underwater Room

Unforgettable Fantasy Art

Combine Photo Elements to Create a Surreal Photo Manipulation

Flying Land Illustration On Fire

Fairy and Sunset Landscape

Imaginative, Magical Painted Scene

Steampunk Style Illustration

Creating ‘Broken Link’

Design a Wolf Howling at the Moon

The Making of “Heaven and Hell”

Dark Angel Photomanipulation

Fantasy Landscape Photo Manipulation

Magic and Special Light Effects

Fantasy Style Castle Scene

Out of Bounds Fantasy Illustration

Fantasy Illustration in Photoshop

Fantasy Creature in a Misty Landscape

Nature-Fantasy Composition with 3d Text and Light Effects

Create a Fantasy Scene with Death

Fantastic Fantasy Night Sky

Fantasy Digital Matte Painting

Digitally Paint a Fantasy Tree Scene

Creating a Fantasy Scene

Beautiful Lonely Fantasy Fairy

Fantasy Flower Creature

Fantasy “Mother Nature” Scene

Fantasy Art Work

Fantasy Art Tutorial – Moon Stone Magic

Fantasy Art

Creating your own Fairytale Scene

Stunning Dragons Attack

Fantasy Photo Manipulation

Mysterious Lightning

Nightly Prayer

Dark Scenery

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