Resource: Buzznet

When I first started taking photos and posting them online I didn’t want to pay for the yearly Flickr user fee to show more than 200 photos. I simply took too many photos. What I discovered was a site called Buzznet. Buzznet was where I hosted years 1-3 of my Photo-A-Day photos. I was actually hosting photos there well before I started my Photo-A-Day project and many of my online galleries from early on are hosted there still.

Buzznet evolved from a simple photo hosting site to a social network with a very serious music and pop culture tone. Now users can go to Buzznet to read about their favorite bands as well as to post pictures, video and journal entries. As a user you can buzz photos, journal entries and videos that you enjoy. You can make friends with other users and you can post your photos, videos and journal entries to Twitter and Facebook with a click of a button.

A nice feature of the service is the ability to upload a large image and have the service automatically create thumbnails, small, medium and large images as well as original sizes. This works really well when you are trying to get the best fit image for your blog. When you have the service do this you can easily grab whatever size image you need.

Adding your uploaded images, titles and descriptions to Facebook is also very easy to do. You can just click on the embed feature and then choose facebook, myspace or twitter to automatically embed the photo to any of those sites, you can also choose to click the same icons on the photo page itself. There are many ways to do the same thing and Buzznet makes it very easy to share your content with others.

To be honest, Buzznet is way more hip than I will ever be, and when I repeatedly got friend requests from 17 year old girls and boys who weren’t photographers I knew I had outgrown the site. However it can still be another outpost to host your photos. Although, if you are into the latest Movies, TV, Gossip, or Music then Buzznet is a great site for you to use as a resource and a social networking site. Try it today, the accounts are free.


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