Super Hero Manatees

Imagine a world without super heroes… no wait, imagine a world with super heroes… but instead of people they were manatees! It’s a bird, it’s a plane.. no wait, it’s Batmanatee! Check out these crazy artistic drawings of your favorite super heroes in manatee form.

Wonder Womanatee

Wonder Womanatee by jomiha


Supermanatee by jomiha


Spider-Manatee by jomiha

Martian Manatee Hunter

Martian Manatee Hunter by jomiha

Justice League of Manatees

Justice League of Manatees by jomiha


Batmanatee by jomiha

Captain Amanatee

Captain America (Amanatee) by jomiha

Flash Manatee

Flash manatee (Flashatee?) by jomiha

Iron Manatee

Iron Manatee by jomiha


Aquamanatee by jomiha

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