Super Mario Brothers Inspired Wallpapers

Video games are so much more than just casual distractions; they represent an integral part of our culture. We approach the gaming market the same way that we approach movies, music, books, and television. They are at once entertainment and artistic expression.

As such, video games serve as excellent fodder and inspiration for the creation of digital art. Perhaps the most iconic character to ever come out of the Nintendo camp is none other than Super Mario. An endless supply of Mario-inspired art continues to fill the Internet, each piece more unique than the one that preceded it.

These desktop wallpapers may have all been inspired by Mario and the Mushroom Kingdom, but as you can see, they have taken very different directions.

Michael Kwan

Michael Kwan is a freelance writer, professional blogger, gadget geek, and video game enthusiast based out of Vancouver, Canada. You can read more about Michael at his website,