Unique Depictions of President Barack Obama

Whether or not you are particularly interested in the world of politics, it is undeniable that the President of the United States holds a great deal of power in the free world. He is incredibly influential and can not only change things in America, but he can also have a great impact all around the world.

Just as there are countless caricatures of former Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, many artists have taken it upon themselves to present creative depictions of the current American President. Some drawings of Barack Obama are more flattering than others, some have a bigger political message behind them, and some are just for fun.

Is Barack Obama really going to bring a wave of hopeful change to the nation? Is he as interesting and captivating as some people make him out to be? Let’s see what these digital artists have to say.

Michael Kwan

Michael Kwan is a freelance writer, professional blogger, gadget geek, and video game enthusiast based out of Vancouver, Canada. You can read more about Michael at his website,