WordPress Tricks that Can Transform a Noob into A Pro Blogger

Do not fear I am not going to stuff this article with the same boring wordpress plugins thing, you have enough of them already. Rather what I am trying to do is to list some cool yet very basic snippets and tricks that can be performed by a person without any technical knowledge and that too without burning out much of his productive hours. With them, you will be able to supercharge your wordpress blog and even, you will have the feeling that your blog is now in safe hand, I mean your hand:

Paypal Donation Link: You cannot keep on blogging like anything else  unless you are not a causal blogger, or you are not that much interested about monetizing your blog. A simple solve is adding the famous Donate Me link in your blog somewhere. Though there are still some plugins available to do the trick, I suggest you get your hands dirty with the code since it is about money. Plug-ins are developed by third parties and therefore, security of these third party plug-ins may be compromised anytime, so it makes perfect sense that you need to do the coding yourself. However do not cringe at the idea of coding, you will not necessarily have to learn the intricacies of coding here.

All you need to do is to copy and paste the below code in the functions.php file

function cwc_donate_shortcode( $atts ) {


‘text’ => ‘Make a donation’,

‘account’ => ‘Replace this Text with your paypal account id’,

‘for’ => ”,    ), $atts));

global $post;

if (!$for) $for = str_replace(” “,”+”,$post->post_title);

return ‘<a href=”’.$account.’&item_name=Donation+for+’.$for.'”>’.$text.'</a>’;


This is a pretty simple with but does wonderful thing, I mean transfer money to your paypal account whenever a gracious person makes a donation.

Auto-image resizing with shortcodes: You are tired of resizing images all the time whenever there is a need to resize images to fit a given space. Though this is not that much easy to implement, with the following guidelines, you can make it work. You just need to find an image resizing script and with Darren Hoyt’s Mimbo (Pro), phpthumb, your quest for the perfect script may virtually come to an end. So, now you have the script and open the functions.php file and then paste the following the code and wait for the magic:

function imageresizer( $atts, $content = null ) {

return ‘<img src=”/THEMEURL/phpthumb/phpThumb.php?src=’ . $content . ‘&w=500″ alt=””>’;


add_shortcode(‘img’, ‘imageresizer’);

A shortcode will then be created automatically and all images will be resized to 590 pixels wide. Just use the following function to make this work – [img]URL of the image[/img]

Hide/Exclude a Page or a post from Navigation: This one is my favorite. Here I am assuming that you are using wp_page_menu and you want to hide some pages from the navigation bar. Just pass this args and see the difference:


Now, you might be wondering what the function does this code serve? Simple, this code is making three pages – 5,9 and 23 invisible from website navigation menu. However, if the pages do not contain page id, you can use the name of the pages directly in them to make them disappear from the navigation.

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