How to Blur Faces in YouTube Videos

Have you ever wanted to post a video to YouTube and blur out the faces of other people around you? Maybe you wanted to create a video where you or someone else was a talking head, but you needed to blue their face out? No matter what the reason is, there is a way to blur faces and rights right within YouTube video editor. To learn how, watch the short YouTube video tutorial below.

How to Blur Faces and Objects Right Within YouTube

Hey this is your jolly YouTube expert generally. Now there’s a lot of hidden and cool features in YouTube one of which gives you the ability to blur out faces and objects right from within YouTube. That’s pretty cool. Now you’re probably thinking why would I even need that. Well with Content ID you know if you have somebody logo or someone that you don’t have their permission to be in the video that can be a pretty big nightmare. And instead of taking down the video you actually have the ability to just blurt out and guess what. While it’s fixed. So in this video I’m not sure where that feature actually is and how to actually use it. Let’s do this.

So let me show you how simple it really is to blur out faces or objects in your YouTube videos without even leave on YouTube. Now what we need to do is find a video that we can do this and so I come to the five guys will come up to the upper right hand corner click on the Avatar icon come down and click on creators studio and what we’re going to do is go find a video that we can actually blur out. Well mouseover to the left hand side and click on video manager and once we’re here we’re going to come down and find a specific video so the video that I’m looking for has some movement and.

So what you need to do is come to the video. We can go ahead and click on this icon right here and then come down to enhancements. This brings up kind of an editor that allows you to do some quick fixes to the video. You can do light saturation filters and so on. You can speed it up timelapse trim it even and so on. But if you look right here you can see blurring effects so we can actually come here and it can automatically find all the faces if you want to do that. So if you want to blur out all the faces you can go ahead and hit apply. OK because you have a blur right here on the previous side. But if we move it over you can see it’s all blurring out. Everybody’s from the original to the preview. So the cool thing about this is what if we want to just blurt out an object so we figured out OK we can blur a face. What if we want to track someone the whole time so you can go ahead and hit it. It’s going to open up a new little window here and then what you can do is go ahead and select see just click your mouse hold it down and select select over Joel’s face here and wherever Joel goes you can see just tracks where that sat. It’s that simple. And the great thing about it is you can track multiple objects if I wanted to come to a point where see here in the video itself.

I’m going to go ahead and track this and I need to go ahead and track the duck. Or both of those out. And you can see where ever we go. It’s blurring that out. That’s how simple it really is. And you can adjust it here too. So if if you go from frame to frame you can say OK that’s where it’s anes you can adjust it here by clicking it and holding it down and go from there. And once it’s done you go ahead and hit. Done. Now once that’s there it does not apply.

You can either save it as a new video which I would not encourage because you’d lose all your views or you can just hit save hitting save. We’ll then make the changes that are necessary in the video without having to re upload the video or losing all your views.

All right so that’s pretty simple to actually blur out objects and faces in you too. Now before you go I’d love to hear what you’d like to blur out. Put it in the comments below. And also also I really love to hear your thoughts on what videos I should actually make. You know what do you want to learn. Go ahead and put that in the comments below as well. Thank you so much for watching this video and have a wonderful and productive day.

Special thanks to Derrel Eves for the video tutorial and walk through.

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