How to Completely Uninstall BetterDiscord from Discord

Are you having challenges using a BetterDiscord chat service? Do you think it is time you should get rid of it from your android or apple device? If you need vital information about BetterDiscord, then here is what you need to know about this chat service that is becoming popular in the modern world.

First, what is BetterDiscord? It is a mod version of Discord.

A Discord is a free chat service that provides an easy way to communicate with your friends, school club, and a late-night dance group. It provides a medium of communication through video, voice, and text.

Therefore, BetterDiscord is an improved version of Discord that comes with its unique and better features. Like other chat services such as WhatsApp and Facebook, BetterDiscord might have its limitations and force you to uninstall it from your devices.

But which is the simplest way to remove it? 

Why Would You Uninstall BetterDiscord?

A BetterDiscord downfall came in equal measures with its birth. This is because it was recently discontinued once the developers came up with a newer version of Discord called Bandaged BetterDiscord. The move has led to many people requesting on how to uninstall the older version from their devices. Luckily, Bandaged BetterDiscord has new and unique features to customize the website according to your demands. Furthermore, BetterDiscord is known to crash on some devices or not functioning correctly. Therefore, the user may want to stick to the official Discord version.

As much as installing the app on your phone could be simple, uninstalling it might be a bit challenging since it does not come with its uninstallation button. If you are having trouble to delete the package from your device, you can use the following methods. 

1. Removing BetterDiscord From App Data

The easiest method to uninstall BetterDiscord from your device is by deleting it from its various installation sources. This helps to erase all the installation packages from your machine and keep the system safe from any disturbance. To finish on this method, follow these simple steps; 

  • Press the Windows and ‘R’ buttons to open the Run prompt on your screen. 
  • Key in AppData and click on the Input option.
  • Click on the right side of the BetterDiscord folder and select the Publish option.
  • Click on the Run prompt option again, type in ‘percent localappdata percent,’ and select media input. 
  • Once the page has loaded, select Delete the BetterDiscord folder from the location. 
  • Move to the next location and delete the Program folder. 
  • Relaunch the Discord app, and BetterDiscord should be completely uninstalled.

2. Reinstalling the Discord

In some cases, using the first method will not completely uninstall BetterDiscord from your device. You may want to reinstall the official Discord app as a way of getting rid of BetterDiscord. This will clear all the files related to BetterDiscord from your computer. Additionally, the official Discord app comes with an uninstallation button, and you can quickly delete at any time you feel you don’t need it. To reinstall BetterDiscord using this method, follow these steps.

  • Press Windows and ‘I’ buttons to open preferences. 
  • Click on the Apps alternatives and scroll down to the Discord alternatives. 
  • Select the Discord alternative, which will open the Uninstall option. Click on the Uninstall and follow the instruction provided on the screen.
  • Wait for the uninstallation process to complete. 
  • Go to the official Discord website to download the new package. 
  • Double click on the executable button to install the official Discord app. 
  • Follow the instruction provided on the screen to install the package using a normal process. 
  • Once the new Discord app is installed, it will automatically uninstall BetterDiscord from your device. 


In the modern world, everyone is tempted to try new versions of an application that gets its way in the market. This includes using the BetterDiscord app, a modified version of Discord messaging service. However, the biggest worry is when the app starts misbehaving and crashing the machine. That is when you will meet different questions on how to uninstall it.

Therefore, the best advice is to stick to the app’s official versions because they are easy to use and uninstall in case of any technical issue. However, if none of the above methods work, you have to consult an expert or contact the app developer.

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