How to Create a Facebook Cover in Canva

Creating a Facebook cover doesn’t mean you need to hire a graphics designer or even purchase special design software. All you need to do is use Canva, a free browser-based design software, which already has many different built-in templates that users can choose from. This includes regular social media image sizes and also the ability to create custom Facebook covers for your profile page or fan pages as well. Learn how to create a Facebook cover in Canva in the short video turorial below.

Canva Tutorial: How to Create a Facebook Cover

Hi everyone I thought I would put together a quick tutorial and show you how I have been putting together some of my Facebook banners. Now the Facebook cover images. Lately I’ve been using Kanva dotcom and I actually found to be a little bit easier than pick monkey dotcom. I just prefer Also the text in the streamlined images that camera has so on that first page you saw I clicked Facebook cover. I was one of the options and I guess I should show you here. There’s a Facebook cover.

There’s social media that’s for a Facebook image post or Facebook post here but all kinds of options I chose Facebook cover and then I click uploads over here on the left column and I uploaded a bunch of different quotes. So what I would recommend doing is going to Pinterest and just finding a whole bunch of different quotes that you love. Save those images on your computer and then upload them here. So you kind of have a collection of Kasautii high made the image Facebook cover image for our group. So easy if I can do this anyone can see can you just select your image and you can double click it. And put one too many.

And you can just kind of slide them into place OK I think I did that line so you just click it slide and think this last one was do that.

OK. So kind see here that there’s some space different ones do that.

And so then for a background I will say I did something like that with white pick a color here or you can pick some image some background designs totally up to you. So if you want to add some text there’s a whole bunch of different you know these are actually pretty cool little modern type text boxes that you can choose from. So just pick something like like this one who does it like black and camel together. So I’m going to go ahead and place this shirt in here and I want to extend it the whole way just to kind of even up that bottom part.

That’s not looking right.

So I will call this the business group and then I have to expand it again because obviously it didn’t like it would help if I actually spelt things right.

Right. OK.

Yeah man can see it will not be doing tutorials or my full time job any time soon. OK. So basically I think that’s pretty much what I want. I think that looks good. So then you go to download and do it as an image.

And Parian OK.

So then that’s going to be the final image and that’s really what took me two to three minutes if I didn’t make the typo that would have a. You can too. So that’s it. Then you go to a file export and you can save it to wherever makes sense on your computer.

OK and I always bump up the quality to be the best because we only only want the best.

All right. I hope this helps you guys. So just Pinterest save images. Drop them in a Facebook banner and voila you have some fun ways to freshen up your challenge groups online.

Special thanks to Spoon Graphics for the video tutorial and walk through.

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