How to Delete a YouTube Playlist in 3 Easy Steps

YouTube is recognized as the best video site in the world. It has been around for an extended period, and Google has taken it over a few years after its formation.

YouTube has approximately 30 million customers a day, clearly suggesting that the interface needs some of the best functions and functionalities to sustain the viewers.

YouTube can create playlists with any kind of videos you like, among some of the best features.

Much like inserting YouTube links, playlists have been a popular function for a while. I find them fascinating and helpful to help me in a single location, saving some of my favorite videos. I made glad they can support you.

And because these playlists pile up, it may be important to remove them.

How to Delete a YouTube Playlist on Your Computer?

Through your device or phone, you can uninstall YouTube playlists. It depends on you and what is more comfortable for you. Fortunately, we walk with you both, and you can decide what direction you want to do it.

These are the methods to delete your playlist.

Step 1

To access your homepage, go to YouTube and make sure you are signed in to your account. That account image in the top right corner of the display shows this quickly.

When you are not signed in, click on the image and choose ‘Switch Account’ to add or select an account from the names available.

Step 2

You just need to go to the library tab. If you have a minimized menu on the keyboard’s left side, a sign will appear that states “Library” with a folder icon next to it.

There are many choices if you have the main menu up, but the library page is always next to the end. In any case, click “Library” to enter the page

Step 3

When you hit the library tab, scroll down to the panel with your playlists. When you select the playlist you wish to uninstall that click on the playlist’s bottom’s complete playlist display icon.

Step 4

All must have a computer that appears like the image below until you get here. Only press the three points on the hand side of the page, and then there is a dropdown display.

That menu has the option to uninstall the playlist under the playlist controls. Click that.

The pop-up asks if you want to remove the playlist. Simply click “Yeah,” and it will be removed.

How to delete a playlist on YouTube?

Eating a meal. Remove the trash. Catch up on the water cooler for your colleague. What have all these interests in common? It takes longer than removing a YouTube playlist.

  • Deleting a playlist takes seven mouse clicks from start to end. It took us 22 secs from end to end, and you can uninstall playlists much faster with this step-by-step method.
  • Just go to your YouTube channel’s homepage and click the “Custom Channel” button right under the image of your channel head.
  • You will then upload videos and playlists to your channel editor and handle other things about your channel. You can click on the ‘Playlists’ tab for this exercise.
  • It will bring you to your playlist editor, where you will find all of your YouTube playlists. Choose the playlist to uninstall by tapping on the title of the playlist.
  • It will take you to the editor of a playlist. Click “Edit” right in the center of the screen from here.
  • First, on the right-hand side of the playlist menu, click the vertical ellipses. This activates a dropdown menu of many choices.
  • You figured – click “Delete Playlist” from the list down.
  • After the last stage, confirm, and you want your playlist to be removed, and that is it! You just discovered how to delete YouTube playlists.

Summing Up

YouTube playlists are a great feature and allow you to save your videos later. You will create playlists of related videos about the subject if you want to learn a new language or experience online.

Even so, once you apply countless playlists to your profile, it all becomes a nightmare, and you fail to locate the playlists you want to see.

It’s still nice to keep your YouTube catalog clean, sorted, and filled with only playlists you can use.

It is essential to delete YouTube playlists. Then you have found a way to delete these playlists that you no longer watch from your library.

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