How to Delete Your Facebook Account

Have you ever wanted to delete your Facebook account and simply get away from the online social world that we live in? Sure you have… and so have many others. Even with over two-billion active members on the Facebook platform, thousands are actively deleting their accounts daily. If you would like to permanently delete your Facebook account for good, be sure to watch the video tutorial below.

How To Delete Your Facebook Account Permanently

So you’re looking to permanently delete your Facebook account. You probably have a million reasons to do so. You might hate Mark Zuckerberg. You’re sick of being invited to everyone else’s Facebook games like Candy Crush Farmville coaster ville and every other bill that’s out there. You might be lucky like me to have your own Facebook stuff. Well it really doesn’t matter. The reason why you’re quitting in the next few minutes I’m going to show you how to back up all your personal data and permanent delete your Facebook account for ever.

Now before we delete our Facebook account what will want to do is backup everything that we have so all our photos video all the posts and it’s really simple to do that you come up to this little girl in the upper right hand corner mouse down to account settings and once you’re there just click on this download a copy of all your Facebook data and you can click this button download archive. Basically what’s going to do is save a file to your desktop that has all that information there is really really easy. Just a quick note if you have a lot of information on your Facebook account this might take a little bit of time. Now the next thing to show you is how to deactivate your account. This is really simple. Come up to the gear click account settings over security here and then deactivate your account. Now you’ll put the reason why you’re deactivating or leaving for a period of time. You can go ahead and click one of those. It’s always going to put up a little dialog box and try to convince you to stay but you don’t need to do it you can just click on it and hit confirm you put your password in and it will deactivate your account it will be Deia indexed all that other stuff but all your information is there. And anytime that you want to restore it restore it all you got to do is log into Facebook and it’ll restore your account. All right you ready to permanently delete your Facebook account.

All you need to do is click on this icon in the upper right hand corner and then click here and then all we need to do is put the word delete in there. And basically we’re going to click on this first one. How do I permanently delete my account. It’s going to tell you why not to do it. But what we want to do is click this link right here fill out this form and then click the delete my account. Now what’s going to happen you have to put your password in. And then you have to put the caption. I can’t even read that one. So go ahead and put this one in and then hit. OK. Now it comes up on the screen. Basically it says that you’re permanently deleted within 14 days. You log in the account you can cancel the request. But that’s how simple it is.

Now to make your job a lot easier. I actually put the link in the descriptions. They’ll take you right to the delete page but before you go. I’d really like to hear why you are leaving Facebook put in the comments below. I’m looking forward to a good laugh. And don’t forget to Like and Subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Special thanks to Derral Eves for the video tutorial and walk through.