How to Delete YouTube Search History

What have you been searching for on YouTube lately? Your friends and family might not know… but Google and YouTube both know. Actually, they both are taking records on every web site and search query you make online. The good news is that you can delete this search history from being seen by others. All you need to do is make a few simple changes within your account, then your YouTube browsing and search history won’t be available for others to see. To learn how, simply watch the YouTube video tutorial below.

How To Delete Your YouTube Search History

Drill here so you probably all know that YouTube actually tracks what videos you watch but they also track what you search for. Well in this training video I’m going to show you how to delete your youtube search history.

Stay tuned. You always see this recommended for you in your feed. These videos that show up and you’re wondering why that shows up. Well let me show you what happens every time that you go to youtube and search for something. Let me show you here real quick YouTube loves to track what you search and hit search. It actually records that in history. Now if you’re looking to delete your history that we show you how easy it is to do. So the first thing you need to go over the right hand corner click this little arrow and then over to video manager and under video manager you’ll see over here mouseover to search history and you can see that 19 seconds ago that I search for YouTube loves to track what you searched out to clear this. All you need to do is select that hit remove or you can clear all search history where you can select everything and hit remove or you can hit clear all is that simple.

Now I know there’s people right now watching this video wondering what can they do to stop YouTube from tracking my movements on YouTube. Well it’s really easy. All you need to do is do something that was invented back in 1945. It takes some aluminum foil you.

It around her a couple times and it’s amazing they can’t track it.

OK. Now for added protection make sure you add the hat. Very very important to do that. Very stylish but it also stops YouTube viewers from reading your mind.

I wonder if I can get them to subscribe to my YouTube channel. Why would they do that you idiot you can even iron your shirt today look at it. That’s OK. There are people on YouTube don’t care that you did. I’m sure they just are grateful for the great quality content. And that’s why they’ll subscribe.

Special thanks to Derral Eves for the video tutorial and walk through.

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