How to Design a Kindle Cover with Canva Image Creator

Canva is a free image creation and editing tool that has made the concept of online image customization a million times easier. Not only is the application free to use, it’s also browser-based, which means you can access the tool and your content from anywhere. In addition to everything already mentioned, Canva also comes loaded with many different templates and designs for you to choose from. You can always start from a blank template, but more often then not, there is already something there to help you get started with whatever it is you would like to create. Discover how easy it is to create a custom Kindle Cover using Canva in the video tutorial below.

How to Make a Kindle Cover Using Canva

So today I am going to show you how to make a very cool Kindle cover using Canva. So right now we’re on the Canva home page which is actually where you access your treasure trove the different design types. If I click the More button and the top right hand corner it will actually open up all these different design types. So I’m just going to scroll down you can see we’ve got everything here. But for today we’re really going to focus on our Kindle cover. So you just see here we’ve got our blogging and e-books and I’m going to click on a Kindle cover. I’m remixing this into a different document so it’s opening up a new page for me. And we’re going to go into the camera editor. So all’s fair in the camera it is you can say here we’ve got a blank page and the left hand side. We’ve got our amazing thing that makes canvas so brilliant our wonderful layouts allowed through a really great way for you to get started on your camera designs at a nice building block to sort of create some nice specifics. So what I’m going to do is we’re going to scroll down you can see we’ve got lots of different beautiful designs. Today I’m going to choose this forum and just give you a little bit of a walk around how we can edit this and make it our own.

So first of all you can say we’ve got an image in the background so we want to and we want to replace this image so we’re going to do is we’re actually going to go into our uploads folder and upload our image one of the fantastic features that comes with Canva. So you can see here that I’ve actually come out loads folder. When you choose to¬†upload images I’m going to choose this image that I’ve saved here. So you can see that as uploading now I’m going to wait until the image is completely uploaded before dropping it onto my page.

So now that it’s uploaded what I can do is just either sex the image or I can actually drag it straight across using my cursor. And you can see it just falls into the background of my design. So the next thing I want to do is change the shape that’s sitting over top of the image so that actually goes with the image in the background. So what I need to do is select all the shape go and choose a new color. So this celestially I open up my swatches and also my color wheel by selecting the plus. So if I move the puzzle around the Cullowhee or you can see it’s changing color. So I want to find a nice blue to really enhance that background image. So once I’ve found my right blurb on a de-select out of that you can also delete anything of the layout so you can really customize it to make it your own.

Next thing I want to do is edit my text.

So I’m just going to select those text and go ahead and edits it.

If you are unhappy with these font choices we actually have an amazing selection of different fonts you can choose so you can jump into your phone select and you can choose from over 150 fonts and here to give you a design a real custom feel. That all you have to do is just download your design so you can download the very top right hand corner and you can download as a JPG. Thank you very much and happy designing.

Special thanks to Canva for the video tutorial and walk through.

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