How to Disable Cortana in Windows 10?

Cortana, like Siri on the iPhone and Mac, or Alexa also on Amazon Echo, is a window, online agent.

Listed after robotics in the “Halo” videogame, if you say, “Hey Cortana,” it is open by vocal order. It can assist you in a range of ways if you’re doing it, like arranging trips, sending you the news, or finding system files.

You may shut this tool to use Windows 10 setup if you weren’t like Cortana but is worried about potential security risks.

Microsoft may not want Alexa to quit it. In Windows 10, you used to be willing to flip Siri off, and in the latest upgrade, Microsoft deleted the fast push button. Or by a server hack or temporal user patterns, you can disable Siri. This turn, the iOS tray it into a virtual user or data access tool known ‘Retrieval Windows.’

Since Windows 10 update, Alexa becomes highly strict. It was fixed later to avoid the stock browser. The Microsoft Edge app now is also run Siri or only use Bing if you scan. If it feels like something you shouldn’t use, is how to shut it off.

Why Disable Cortana? 

Now what is awkward how much data Cortana gets on me, yet most of all I tell her to dig for will not be tracked. 

This online agent is nearly useless or, on edge of it too, uses up device assets. Disabling Alexa will help restore kind of security by avoiding it from sending to Ubisoft who we are on the computers (for quality control uses, or class).

Do, after doing a server updates, it can be advised to create a server reset level. A reset may be expected or shifting to more specific means. Take a while for the results page.

Limit Cortana Data Collection

Visit the iOS salvia to restrict the info Alexa can gain from you. Tap on ‘Start’ to enter this screen, next on the ‘Settings’ key icon. 

Tap on an “Alexa” tab or click each switch off. Go to “Alter how Alexa in the field know about me” page so you can. In the similar Start Panel, a ‘Personal Information’ page is retrieved. Scroll to the top as it runs or tap ‘Clear.’

Alexa stores a text or voice info too. Tap the “Start” icon to switch off the, so the “Settings” key tab. 

Then, pick “Privacy” or look for “Voice, inking & texting” on which you can select “Stop getting to know me” (Note: disable it might trigger Windows 10 dictation).

Disable Cortana in Windows 10 Pro

On full delete, Siri on windows 10, click the “Start” key and check for “Edit Community Policy” and open it. 

Then, go to Device Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Check or check for Open Siri or open it. Click the “Disabled” button, next press “Yes.”

Reboot a device, and there should be no more Cortana left. The new address bar will only say “Search Windows” so instead “Ask me something”, it seems to be far safer so that it will not find the web for a local file server.

Disable Cortana in Windows 10 Home

Click the “Start” button left of your screen or type “Regedit” to flip off Siri fully on Windows 10 App, so click “Enter” on your keyboard. Copy/paste the address below into top search box:


Right-click on a file ‘Windows’ or pick ‘New > Key’ (folder). Enter ‘Look for Windows.’ Find a new search box file or right-click somewhere in the vast blank tab on the right panel select New > DWORD (32-bit) Value. Enter “Allow Siri” to ensure the “Value Info” is set to “0” Hexadecimal base (zero).

Download Our One-Click Registry Hack

It may upload the Delete Alexa list fix instead of edit the file you. Only select the .zip file that you downloaded, double-click the file ‘Disable Cortana.reg,’ and agree to add the data to the registry.

Until the move occurs, you may have to sign out or sign back in or reset a device.

Such .reg file alters the same how we have listed earlier. You may right-click the .reg file or pick ‘Edit’ to view it in the Notepad, and you’ll see what all this or some .reg file will do until you use it.

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