How to Install Ruby on Rails on Mac OS X

When it comes to building applications locally, Ruby on Rails is quickly gaining attention for its capabilities, functionality, and ease of use. Before getting started with Rails, you will first need to understand how to use the platform, while also knowing how to install it on your computer. This is exactly what you will be learning through the video tutorial below.

Install Ruby on Rails on Mac OS X

Hi, I’m Dan an engineer code academy and I’m going to walk you through how to install Ruby on Rails for OSX installing rails will allow you to start building applications locally if you haven’t used rails before. It all makes sense to take the learn Rails course on code academy for more information about what Rails can do and how it’s used. There are only a few steps completed and I’ll walk you through them in less than five minutes.

First, let’s install X code to install X code open a Mac App Store and search for X code on the download page simply click install may take a long time for X code to install. Now it’s time to install homebrewed.

To install homebrew. Open your browser and go to. Sh. There you’ll find this snippet you can copy and paste into the terminal for you can install homebrew.

We need to accept the license agreement for X type and X code build faces Dasch license. You’ll need to enter your password here you’ll have to scroll through a long bit of tags.

You can use the spacebar to make it go a little faster when you get to the bottom simply type. Agree and then enter. Now you can paste in. The code you got from the Brookshire Age website. Place the line in.

And press enter. Great now you have to install. The next step is to install Ruby. We’re going to install Ruby by using our via.

RBM is a Ruby version manager that allows you to have multiple births Rubina’s thought at the same time to install our VM type the following in the terminal KEARL dash l HTP P.S. on flash get the RV I O space. Then the pipe symbol. Bash bash as stable.

Once this has completed we can verify the RBM has been installed by typing RBM space. The pipe symbol again has a dash and one and will see the output below. Now that we have our VM solved we can solve Ruby too.

To install Ruby type RB and use Ruby das install dash to fall this command could take as long as an hour depending on your version of OS X and your computer. Don’t worry it might be a good time to go grab a. To install rails in your terminal type gem install rails dash no try dash dash. No this command may take a little bit of time to run but not nearly as long you could do so. Once the command is completed we can verify the install by typing Rail’s dash burgeon.

Now that Rails is thought we can create a new test Rails application to do this type rails new task at. Now that the app has been created we can go into the Directory a new app by typing CD text at to start our application. Type Wandel exact rails server.

We can now open our browser and navigate to local host Colan 3000. We now see our kestrels application.

And we’re all set. You should now have rails fully installed. If you rented any trouble during the installation don’t worry running into problems during the installation isn’t uncommon. Check the links in the description for more detail installation instructions and feel free to ask questions in the comments. If things did work amazingly you can now begin building Rails applications from scratch. For more information on rails and be sure to check out our course learn Rails on code academy dot com.

Special thanks to Code Canyon for the video tutorial and walk through.

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