How to Upload Videos to YouTube in 4K and 1080p

When uploading video content to YouTube, it’s always best to try and upload video at the highest quality possible. In most cases, this would be a 4K and 1080p setting. To make sure your videos are always being uploaded to YouTube in the highest quality possible, follow the YouTube video tutorial below.

How to Upload 4K and 1080p Videos on YouTube

A guys onto this video it’s going to show you how you get four K 10 ETP when you upload videos on YouTube. Now some of you like this video right now it’s not published yet so I wanted to show you that. So right now it’s still processing what I mean. Right here you see quality and you only get that 360 right. Well I’m not worried about that. My video is not even. It’s forte. So it’s much more than it is. But YouTube now you a little bit longer than usual before. It’s a huge difference with my computer that I used to upload. I was connected to my router with the Internet cable this would show me right away for. And when I did it for Wi-Fi with my other computer it took a while. So I would only see 360 and then it would have to wait a couple of hours to kind of process the whole thing. So that was kind of odd. But nowadays no matter how I upload my videos I always see this at first and yet I can see why you guys are getting scared but don’t worry about it. You to wait and let me just show you. You verify if your video is actually for K or 10 80. So here are a couple of videos if you right click on the weather you on your map right here. You guys will see. A format that I mention OK so this is for OK.

If you have a 10 ATP that means Tenny will be right here the second member and that’s how you make sure that that’s right. If your video is E.T. or 720 or something like that here then you can’t get 40 for case resolution. You cannot do that unless you recorded or. Video or you have a camera that has four key recording. On it. If it’s only 10 A.D. then you’re only going to get that resolution. OK. So it only depends on how you make the video and that’s how you can actually uploaded 10 A.D. in the upload to 2018 YouTube. Ok

then you have that ability of uploading as for it or you can read it to 2018 so it doesn’t take up much space. It’s all up to you guys. Sure. Just right click on and check on it. Check it out. Then upload it the way I upload videos just right here upload. I don’t Irakli with whatever programs you are using. There is always the option to upload directly to YouTube. I don’t do that anymore. I used to. Was it for me. I use that all the time and I just find the easier to do with Google Chrome. Also you might see that some web browsers just don’t give you that option. Well they do give the option to eating or not for cake. So make sure you’re going to go into Chrome. No Chrome is compared with Mac or Chrome Firefox anything for Mac. And that way you guys can preview your video. So don’t worry about this for now. Of your video. Just wait a couple of hours and they should be good. Let me just go back to my videos. Right now for example. These all started out 360. I was freaking out as well. So I tried different ways to upload and nothing would happen. However right now if I go at it and I check out my video. Thing I can just see right here other options like using. So here’s Ten-Ichi. And then we have four OK. Right. So I don’t have all these options to choose from. So it’s always good to have that.

And the reason why that is working is because it was recorded with a camera that had four. And he was satisfied for it. And that’s why it’s for cake. There’s no other way I can explain that guy’s point in the record. OK. Nor to upload. OK. And I have problems. Just let me know right here in the commentary. I’ll try to help you out. And he was that’s it for the 20th. Hey you guys any questions comments you can with the non-human commentary. Don’t forget straight and rate. Thank you.

Special thanks to Acguevara for the video tutorial and walk through.

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