Octoparse Review – Why Website Scraping and Data Scraping Are Useful

If you’re looking for a website scraping software, you may have been wondering with solution is best for you and your needs. With so many different solutions out there to choose from, you’ve likely done some research in Google and the name “Octoparse” has probably come up a few times.

During our first research and analyze on data scraping solutions, we had a lot of questions and concerns about what solution would be best, how the learning curve would be and if such a solution would fit into our budget.

This article will help you understand the usefulness of website scraping and data scraping. You’ll also learn how to use the Octoparse software for your specific needs.

What is Octoparse?

If you’re wondering what is Octoparse, you’re not alone. This cloud-based software is used by more thousands of people worldwide on a daily basis to better manage their data and web scraping abilities. Its advanced features make it useful for companies of any size, including startups and individuals who are looking to explore what’s truly possible with data scraping. And thanks to its flexible pricing, you can choose from a free plan or a paid subscription, depending on your needs.

For many different reasons, but one of the most interesting is how Octoparse can simulate human web browsing behavior online. It comes with a built-in browser that allows users to click on different web pages and extract the data they need. The solution can also perform local extraction and cloud extraction.

It’s also important to note that the software is very powerful and can scrape many pages simultaneously. In addition to its features, Octoparse is cloud-based, which means you can use it from anywhere — and the learning curve for the software is quite simple. Should you come across any questions or concerns, the Octoparse website is loaded with tutorials and videos, and the support team is even better.

Why Website and Data Scraping is Useful

There are many uses for website and data scraping, from marketing to improving research articles. A solution like Octoparse can collect information on thousands of websites, allowing you to monitor them with the click of a button. The data that can be gathered is incredibly useful and can improve your decision-making, marketing, competitor analysis and much more.

However, it’s also important to note that website and data scraping costs money, but it also requires maintenance. Websites change, and scrapers must be updated to keep up. Many new web scrapers underestimate the costs of maintaining their programs, thinking that updates will automatically happen.

The good news is, all of these technical problems and updates are done automatically by the Octoparse team.

Using Octoparse for Website and Data Scraping

Octoparse software features a simple point and click interface and a 24/7 cloud platform. You can perform unlimited extractions and configure the number of times each scrape will repeat. Octoparse also supports multiple extractions and IP rotation. It is available in two pricing plans – standard and enterprise. If you’re unsure whether Octoparse is the right data scraping solution for your needs, start by trying a 14-day free trial.

The user interface of Octoparse is simple, clean, and incredibly user-friendly. The tool includes tabs for quick filters, recent tasks, and contacting support. You can also customize the software’s output through a visual workflow designer.

Its robust cloud platform makes it possible to run your tasks in the cloud without limiting your local resources. You can save your extracted data in the cloud, and access it any time. You can even automatically rotate your IP address to make the whole process faster. The option is also there to get your data in various formats, and export it to different databases. It doesn’t get any easier than this, and if you’re a big data geek, you’ll appreciate this.

Octoparse Pricing

Octoparse offers a free trial period, which gives you the opportunity to evaluate the software and everything it has to offer. Those who are considering Octoparse as their longterm solution should first consider its cost.

The basic license starts at $75 per month. There is an enterprise plan available that costs more but includes enterprise-level data extraction services and solutions. Rates for the higher enterprise plan may vary depending on user needs.

The free version of Octoparse only allows users to extract content from a single page, but the paid editions let you scrape hundreds or thousands of web pages.

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